Crema de Blue

Crema de Blue

3.8/5 rating (24 votes)


Jersey cow milk. A spicy, creamy, full fla- vored cave aged blue. Aged 65 days. Highly addictive. 2.5 lb wheel. ACS WINNER ! 

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They talk about our cheeses...

I had a chance to try your Crema Blue this past weekend it is spectacular!
I am a huge fan of Bleu my favorite is St. Agur yours has...

Salvatore Salvatore 17. June, 2013 |

Last year when I went to the farmers market I bought some of your cheese and fell in love. I don't remember the name of it but it was...

Helen Muuss Helen Muuss 29. May, 2013 |

Absolutely the best I ever had. You guys knocker it out of the park! I will be back to the reading terminal in April to get some of...

mike mike 16. March, 2013 |

Thank you for the information!

Cathy Cathy 17. December, 2012 |